Hourly Subscription

CLJLaw provides access on an hourly basis at the following rates:

  • RM70/USD40 for the 1st hour – usage limit 3MB
  • RM35/USD20 for subsequent hour – usage limit 1 MB
  • Extended time option limit – 3 hours

   (SST of 6% applies w.e.f. 1st September 2018)


You will have access to CLJLaw’s basic package consisting of Malaysian case laws from 1894 to present date, all Federal laws, articles, forms and precedents, practice directions and other reference materials. You will also have access to CLJLaw's additional modules consisting of Industrial law cases, Shariah law cases and State Laws from 13 Malaysian States.


To subscribe to this hourly service, please complete the Online Registration Form and submit the same. You will be directed to the Credit Card payment gateway. Upon approval of the payment, you will receive an email with your login ID and Password to enable you to start using your account.

For general enquiries, please write to: enquiries@cljlaw.com

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